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TITLE late 10's 184c 85kg after 13 mon lipo 440/440cc exc gland 65/79g _3
WRITER Manager






Early-20's 182cm 80kg after 8 mon lipo 280/300cc exc 2g before after
late-10's 171cm/74kg mixed type gynecomastia lipo 220/280cc exc 5/3g after 6 mon before after
It was a perfect choice to get the surgery^^ Written by Jjanggu Is Thirsty The director and nurse told me cautions again and gave me a notice after surgery in advance. While I was given information, I went to the locker and changed to an operating gown. I went to the electrocardiogram room and got an ECG. Then, I went to the doctor’s room and he checked my condition again and told me some other things. Even though I am not religious, I felt relieved and comfortable when he held my hands and prayed for my surgery. I was impressed again. He took pictures of my chest before surgery and designed the chest. I went to the recovery room and waited for a couple of minutes, and an anesthesiologist came and took me to the operation room. When I went to the operation room, there were two nurses. I lay down on the operating table calmly with my hands at a right angle. They checked my blood pressure and gave an injection of anesthetic on the left arm. I fell asleep right away. I might have heard something but I fell asleep in less than 10 seconds. I opened my eyes when the nurse woke me up. The surgery was already over. I felt like it was a short period of time, but it was already 1 hour and 40 minutes. While I was relaxing in the recovery room, the doctor entered and removed the sponge and bandage by himself. He told me the surgery was successful. I felt really relieved. I was surprised to see my flat chest. I regretted not getting the surgery earlier. When I saw my changed body, I felt content. After relaxing a little more, I changed cloths with sponge, bandage and compression tape on, and came home by subway. I wore sponge and compression bandage together for 24 hours after the surgery, and later I only wore compression bandage. It might be difficult to wear compression bandage for the next 4 weeks, but time will fly. I had a lot of worries about surgery such as side effects before I got surgery, but I didn’t have to. I think it was a perfect choice to get the surgery at Silhouette. I hope all of you who are struggling from gynecomastia will get surgery at Silhouette. You won’t regret, I guarantee. It’s been only a week, but I feel like I was in a different world. As shown in the pictures, my bruises are not that bad. I will lose weight by exercising a lot and will become in a good shape. I look forward to summer. I would like to express my gratitude to Doctor Yoon Sang-yeop, consulting director and nurses who made efforts on the surgery. Before surgery After surgery
This is a review of the second week after gynecomastia surgery. Written by Kiro It’s been two weeks since I got a surgery last month. I’m writing a review of the second week after the surgery. I wasn’t that nervous on the day of the surgery. The doctor’s sincere prayer before the surgery was very good. I fell asleep with anesthesia in the operation room and woke up at the recovery room. (too simple,,ㅡㅡ;) I got my chest wrapped with sponge and compression bandage and fixed with compression tape. I didn’t feel that much pain. It was like sore muscles for two or three days after surgery. Anyways, I kept taking medicine. I was very cautious, so I didn’t worry about pains. I just took a pill of Tylenol for a couple of days. ^^;;As you can see the pictures below, I started to get bruises severely from the next day of the surgery. It wasn’t the chest part, but under the chest and around sides. The bruises started on the second day and became the worst on the fourth and fifth days. They started to become dim after then, and now I have slight stains. (They won’t go away.)I don’t have swelling yet, maybe because I am using compression bandage well. I constantly put the compression bandage tightly.I sometimes have slight pains especially when I use arms a lot. I don’t worry too much about it. I just think time will solve the problem.I also see slight dents, which I can see after the surgery is recovered in 3 or months. If it is weird, the doctor will do surgery again for free.. ^^.That’s why I chose Silhouette. The surgery is not that difficult when I see two weeks after the surgery. I didn’t have to contemplate for 1 or 2 years. I should have done earlier… I am spending satisfactory days looking at my flat chest.
40's 156cm 67kg lipo 3,670cc exc 1,590g before after 40's 156cm 67kliposuction3,670ccexc 1,590g after surgery 8 mon
One month after the surgery.. The new chapter of my life begins. Written by Born Again I still remember vividly the sincere prayer of the doctor holding my hands before I entered the operation room a month ago. Thanks to the prayer, I felt more comfortable. I am an office worker who has a new life in thirty years. Others might have experienced. I couldn’t wear thin cloths because of my chest in summer. Now, it’s getting warm, but I don’t have to worry after I met Silhouette. It’s been a month. At this moment I am writing this review, I am really happy. ^^*If you have the same worry as I experienced, please get a surgery and be confident. You should! The pictures below are the ones that I took from time to time looking at the mirror. It’s been only a month, but I will post more pictures in 3 months, 6 months and 1 year by successfully losing weight.
Review of 4th week after Gynecomastia Surgery. I am much more confident now. Written by Doldori It’s already been the fourth week since I got gynecomastia surgery. I exercised a lot even with personal training, but I was very stressed out. Therefore, I decided to get a surgery. My gynecomastia wasn’t that severe, but areola area stuck out enough to be an obstacle of chest exercise. I am very satisfied with the surgery result. I think the cost of over 2 million won is worth it. Especially when I decided to get the surgery, I considered not only the aesthetic part but also the inconvenience caused by compression bandage.At Silhouette Plastic Surgery, I only had to wear compression bandage for two to four weeks unlike other plastic surgery clinics, and even the bandage was very light and worn just on the chest, so I didn’t experience any inconvenience such as indigestion. I wore a compression bandage for two weeks, and I can definitely say I had no inconvenience except the day of surgery (cotton and bandage in the compression underwear). Now, I can go to the gym in bright color shirts straightening my shoulders.
late 10's 184c 85kg after 13 mon lipo 440/440cc exc gland 65/79g _3 BEFORE AFTER
Mid-20's 171cm 60kg after 6 mon lipo 10cc exc gland 3/2g BEFORE AFTER
Early-10's 173cm 80kg lipo 280/310cc exc galnd 6/7g BEFORE AFTER