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I gained a new life. Written by College Student It is February 20, 2010 today and I got surgery on January 20, 2010. Today is the 32nd day. I will never forget the day, January 20, 2010. My story starts when I was a middle school student. As secondary sexual characteristics began to develop, I got taller and had beard, which is the same as other kids. However, I felt some lumps in the chest and the breast become bigger gradually. I was teased by other kids, but I didn’t know what to do. I had to wear thick shirts underneath my school uniform even in summer. Before surgery I found out it is gynecomastia, and there is no other way than surgery. Sometimes it naturally disappears in early 20s. After my stressful middle and high school days, I had to go to military service for family reasons when I was 20 years old. At military service, I was stressed out when I had to take shirt off because I was embarrassed. After completing military service, I had various part-time jobs to make money for surgery and college tuition. I worked really hard. I finally made an appointment, and on January 20 in the morning, I went to Seoul with empty stomach. I received cautions and directions through email. I thoroughly comprehended Naver Map and arrived at the clinic on time. Before I arrived at the clinic, I withdrew money at the bank. It was the biggest money that I withdrew in my life. I felt a little weird but happy. After I paid the balance upstairs, I changed to an operating gown. Doctor Yoon saw my chest and drew lines for surgery. I went downstairs and entered operation room, where there were several nurses. I was a little nervous when they tied my limbs on the cross bed.A nurse told me I would fall asleep, and I was placed on anesthetics. When I woke up I was lying in the recovery room with my body covered with blanket. I had a slight pain on the chest, but it wasn’t that bad. In around 20 minutes, Doctor Yoon came to me and said the surgery was very successful. I was really happy and excited. Because I live out of Seoul, I received treatment at one time. I changed to my own cloths and went outside with prescription. It was raining. After surgery Thank you so much Doctor Yoon and nurses. I really appreciate. The prayer that Doctor Yoon did for me before surgery was really helpful to beat fear. Actually, the cost of the surgery was very high, but I consider it as an investment for my future. It wasn't a waste at all. If you still hesitate, please get surgery as soon as possible. I would like to express my appreciation again to everyone at Silhouette. Thank you so much. 32 days after surgery 2019-01-24
Review of Gynecomastia Surgery in July of 2013 Written by Patient of Gynecomastia Surgery It’s been 1 year and 4 months since I got surgery at Silhouette.I think all of you know the process from consultation with Doctor Yoon to surgery from Internet Café or Homepage. I just remember what Doctor Yoon said right after the surgery. He said “Your chest is flattened well.” On the day of surgery as soon as the surgery was done, I hung out with a friend eating pizza at Pizza Hut like a normal day.I have a habit of lying on the side when I sleep.I had no inconvenience except this posture when I slept. It was summer, so I sweated a lot. I couldn’t take a shower, which was kind of good and convenient. Lazy life without shower was pretty nice. LolIn around two weeks, I removed the compression bandage and started to walk around outside. I thought I shouldn’t do too many activities after the surgery, but I didn’t feel any pain except a slight soreness or scar. Even when I had compression bandage on, I didn’t feel that uncomfortable. I was very stressed out before I got surgery, and I didn’t have to. I regret the days of anxiety and worries. My chest flattened like Great Plains! It is so nice that it is beyond the expression of words.I am very grateful to wear one piece of thin shirt in summer. If you are hesitating surgery, please go to Doctor Yoon at Silhouette and get surgery as soon as possible. Have a warm autumn~ Thank you!! 2018-12-27
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Now, I am not a man with boobs anymore. Written by J H Lee # Intro... Hello. I am a self-employed man who got gynecomastia surgery at Silhouette. Today is the fourth day after the surgery. I am writing this review for those who have the same problem as mine, those who contemplate whether to get surgery and those who are curious about the process of the surgery after deciding to get surgery. #Condition of my chest before surgery #Choice of clinicI didn’t consider other clinics but Doctor Yoon Sang-yeop when I chose clinic. The reasons are as follows. =>Regarding the method of surgery I researched a lot of gynecomastia surgery cases from several years ago, and I found out the method of Doctor Yoon Sang-yeop’s surgery that leaves the least scars with the minimum incision is the best. Actually, there are the most reviews of patients who were satisfied with the surgery online. Doctor Yoon’s surgery method is in textbooks for medical school students, so it might be the main trend. =>Follow-up management after surgery In plastic surgery, it is the best to have satisfactory result at a time. However, in case of gynecomastia surgery, nobody can guarantee what deformation or change would occur during the recovery process, so follow-up management might be more important. I read reviews of those who got surgery at other clinics, and the patients chose the clinics due to cheaper prices, but a lot of them ended up receiving re-surgery at Silhouette paying more money due to poor follow-up management. They ruined their body, but still they had to spend more. It is terrible. I think they just decided to get surgery there by being enthralled by the cost without enough research. Actually, the cost of gynecomastia surgery at Silhouette is pretty high, but considering satisfaction level and follow-up services after surgery, I don’t think it is that expensive. Please do not let unreliable clinics take care of your chest just to save money. # Real surgery process →Making an appointment before surgery You should get your chest examined first before surgery. However, I decided to get examination and surgery at the same time on the day of surgery. I heard a lot of people do in this way, so it is not necessary to visit more than once for examination and surgery. It’s better to make an appointment about a month before to get surgery on a desired date. The clinic is very busy.When an appointment is completed, the doctor calls and tells cautions. The most important thing among the cautions is fast from midnight to the surgery. All you do is swallowing mouth water until you enter the operation room. You are also not allowed to drive. You can go home from the clinic after the anesthesia completely wears off, but still it’s better not to drive. Lastly, you should be careful about your outfit. Wear loose top. After surgery, your chest will be bloated with compression bandage and sponge. I went there in loose sweatshirt with zipper. I didn’t wear underwear. =>Visiting clinic and brief process on the day of surgery The clinic is really easy to find. Five minutes from Exit 5 of Apgujeong Station of Subway Line 3. The clinic is on the third floor of the building next to gas station. The clinic is pretty small and well decorated.When you enter the clinic, two nurses are waiting for you to usher. You write some personal information briefly and change to a hospital gown at the locker. => Doctor’s examination You will finally see the doctor who you saw on TV or YouTube. As soon as greeting, you will take your shirt off, and the doctor will examine your chest. You might feel awkward or uncomfortable. There is a small ultrasound machine, through which the doctor will show adipose tissue explaining your current situation. In my body, there was excessive fat. That might be because I rapidly gained weight of 8 kilogram for the last year. I got my areola reduced as well. I thought my big areola would be reduced with gynecomastia surgery, but mine was so big that it needed surgery. Anyways, he quickly explained the plan of gynecomastia surgery and areola reduction. He prayed before surgery, which is very famous. If there is a doctor who prays for patients, please call me. Maybe none…. Doctor Yoon Sang-yeop might be the only one. I told him I’m also a Christian and prayed together. I felt very relieved. When our prayer was done, the doctor drew outline on my chest with a pen for specific surgery plan. This is completed very quickly. That’s when I though Doctor Yoon considers gynecomastia surgery as a simple operation as an expert in this field. This is from the confidence accumulated by a lot of surgery experiences. Nevertheless, patients are nervous. →Surgery Process I waited for a few minutes at the patient’s room and went to the operation room.When I entered the operation room, I lay on the bed with my limbs stretched. Then, nurses tied my arms and legs. I was put under anesthesia. It was slightly painful. I was sleepy. In less than three seconds, I fell asleep, and I opened my eyes…Nurses shouted at me to wake up. It’s been two hours, but I felt like it was a moment. Between closing and opening eyes, everything was done. I felt like it was nothing. Lol. When I sat up from waking up, they wrapped my chest with sponge and bandage. I went to the patient’s room and rested. Some people said they felt dizzy because they didn’t wake up from anesthesia completely, but I felt fine. I felt like I could go home right away. While lying in the patient’s room alone, I thought why I got this surgery now. This is so simple. I should have done earlier. I think everyone might have thought like I did. In less than one hour, Doctor Yoon came to me and said the surgery was successful. He unwrapped the tight bandage and showed the flat chest after the surgery. I couldn’t dare to see it directly, but I just glanced at it. I was really surprised at the flattened chest. My chest is pretty big and is a little loose, so I thought the surgery might be difficult. I couldn’t believe that the chest was flat. I thought I just go home with the chest wrapped in the operation room, but I could see the result… He also wrapped my chest again. I was touched again after the warm prayer. For your reference, the sponge bandage wrapped by Doctor Yoon should be removed the next day. You only wear the thin bandage all day for the next two weeks. For the next two weeks, you can wear when you sleep. Just keep this in mind. One more thing ... The chest with the sponge bandage wrapped is a little bloated, so you should wear loose cloth to hide. After 24 hours, you can wear thin regular cloth because you only wear bandage. Nobody would notice, so don’t tell people you are getting surgery. Lol. =>Sponge + bandage + Compression bandage right after surgery => Discharged from hospital When I changed to the cloths that I wore before surgery, nurses gave me medicine for three days(pain killer, antibiotic) and extra bandage. They explained cautions and gave a manual letter. And a present of Bible diary. I left the clinic promising to visit the clinic between the second and the fourth week.I found out many patients don’t visit the clinic after surgery…They have excuses such as no time or long distance..I think it is important to visit the clinic for follow-up check. Anything is difficult to recover if right time is missed, so it is better to get examined after surgery just in case there is any problem. Even if you live far from the clinic, please visit the clinic on Saturday for follow-up management. I’ve never seen anyone who complained after they got surgery at Silhouette.I barely breathed when I left the clinic due to the compression bandage that Doctor Yoon wrapped, but it was just one day. That’s how the surgery was successfully over. Why didn’t I do this simple thing earlier. Anyways, if you have gynecomastia, get surgery as soon as possible when you are still young. #Recovery process after surgery =>For 24 hours after surgery You might feel inconvenient for 24 hours after surgery due to three layers of sponge of 1 cm, bandage and compression bandage on the chest. You will feel free when you just remove the sponge bandage. You can struggle for only 24 hours. You will be starving because you haven’t eaten since midnight, but you shouldn’t eat too much because your stomach shrinks due to the compression on your chest. Even if you don’t feel like eating, you should. You have to take medicine. From the next day after 24 hours, you can eat freely because the bandage and sponge will be removed. What is the most inconvenient thing was lying on the bed and getting up.As you can see in the manual letter from the clinic, you can’t use hands to get up on the bed but use the rebound of waist, so your neck and back might be a little sore.(If you use hands to get up, you could bleed due to the impact on the surgery part. You should be really careful.) =>After 24 hours after surgery I removed the bandage and sponge around 2 pm on the next day. When I saw the surgery part in my room, I was really amazed by my flattened chest. I couldn’t dare to touch it and wrapped it with thin compression bandage. For your reference, gynecomastia surgery is to remove glandular tissues and then to remove adipose tissue underneath. When the liposuction is done, the part is swollen for about 2 weeks.It is natural, and the swollen part will become normal in 2 weeks, so don’t worry too much.Do not compress the swollen part too hard when you put the compression bandage, but just put it not to be too loose. => Photo taken after sponge, bandage and compression bandage were removed In the picture, the areola parts look wrinkly. I think they have to look wrinkly at first like a deflated balloon. Later, they will become prettier. The bruises will go away gradually, so you don’t have to worry. The photo on the right is the side. Isn’t it so flat?If you compare these photos with the ones before surgery, you will see a big difference. => Now, the 4th day after surgery I thought the swollen parts would be bigger, but not really. But still, it is cautious to do normal activities. I don’t feel any pain around the chest, but I feel a little sore and itchy. This might be the process of recovery. # Wrapping up There is a saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. You might have been really surprised to see the pictures of mine before and after surgery.I didn’t expect my chest to be that flattened. I couldn’t even imagine. Doctor Yoon made it happen. I said this is for those who are afraid of surgery or those who are preparing for surgery in the beginning. If you read this and saw the pictures before and after surgery, you might have decided which doctor you would choose to take care of your chest. If you still hesitate, please make an appointment and meet the doctor first. It might seem that I am advertising the clinic. LolI saw a lot of people who have a hard time due to bad surgery results at other clinics.I just want nobody to regret getting surgery at unreliable clinics and to get re-surgery at Silhouette wasting money and time. I just want them to skip all unnecessary difficulties such as side effects. I feel like my review is too long. I hope this will be helpful for those who are thinking to get surgery. Thank you for reading this. 2018-12-16
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