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TITLE 30's 158cm 44kg lipo.310cc, exc.222g, 6m
WRITER 실루엣성형외과
DATE 2017-11-21 19:38:58


2018’ Silhouette Plastic Surgery Gynecomastia Procedure 2018’ Silhouette Plastic Surgery Gynecomastia Procedure Hello. I am Sangyeop Yoon, a director of Silhouette Plastic Surgery Clinic. I became a doctor in 1998 and started to perform gynecomastia surgery in 2003 as a plastic surgeon. It’s been almost 20 years. First of all, I would like to say thank you to those who helped me to grow up as a plastic surgeon specializing in gynecomastia procedure. I opened a clinic ‘Silhouette Plastic Surgery’ in 2007.The brand ‘Silhouette Plastic Surgery’ is over ten years old.Silhouette Plastic Surgery is the plastic surgery clinic that has only stuck with the gynecomastia procedure for 10 years.Our clinic has done the highest number of gynecomastia surgeries, and now it is the most authoritative clinic. Features of 2018’ Silhouette Plastic Surgery 1. The clinic where doctors get surgery The above pictures are from four doctors who got procedure in our clinic. Over 50 doctors and medical students have let me take care of their bodies. There are three plastic surgeons that got gynecomastia procedures from me. 2. Writing “Gynecomastia Textbook” I wrote “Gynecomastia’ part in the textbook “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” published in 2006. A gynecomastia guide book for ordinary people will be published soon. 3. Lectures for Plastic Surgeons Silhouette Plastic Surgery boasts over 20 times of gynecomastia related lectures and research papers. The research papers are evaluated by specialists in the relevant field, presented and published in medical magazines. I could give lectures for plastic surgeons because I gained recognition from specialists in the same field. Silhouette Plastic Surgery is the best gynecomastia specialized clinic selected by specialists in the relevant fields. 4. Gynecomastia Consultant Doctor in Various Media Such as Newspaper and Broadcasting I am also a consultant doctor in HiDoc NAVER Jisik-iN. 5. A Clinic Where Patients Get The Least Side EffectsThe gynecomastia procedure requires aesthetic sense and thorough understanding on the structure of the breast. Therefore, it is necessary to get the procedure from a plastic surgeon with aesthetic sense. Especially, you will feel comfortable if you go to Silhouette Plastic Surgery that has a volume of experience and know-how. 2018-06-25
MID-20's 183cm 93kg after surgery 3mon lipo 410/550cc, exc gland 2/3g Before after MID-20's 183cm 93kg after surgery3mon lipo 410/550cc, exc gladn 2/3g 2018-02-26
40's 165cm 58kg lipo 2,290/2,470cc exc 700g BEFORE AFTER 2018-01-16
Early-20's 171cm 73kg after 3years lipo 100/180cc exc gland 3/4g before after 2018-01-16
30's 158cm 44kg lipo.310cc, exc.222g, 6m BEFORE AFTER 2017-11-21
40's 165cm 58kg lipo 2,290/2,470cc exc 700g BEFORE AFTER 2017-11-21
30's 161cm 53kg lipo 940cc exc 401g before after MID-30's 161cm 53kg She had a drooping skin so she had a "abdominoplasty" She lipo 1L fat and remove 0.5kg drooping skin. after surgery 8 mon 2017-08-18
MID-20's 175cm 73kg after surgery 6 mon lipo 280/310cc, exc gland 6/6g before after MID-20's 175cm 73kg after surgery 6 monlipo 280/310cc, exc gladn 6/6g before surgery breast was so big after surgery was gone. 2017-08-18
20's 180cm 80kg after surgery 6 mon lipo 430/360cc exc gland 4/5g before after 20's 180cm 80kg Theses pictures after surgery 6 monlipo430/360ccexc gland4/5g You can saw surgery result very success. 2017-08-18
30's 160cm 64kg lipo.2310/3400cc, exc.1331g, after surgery 2y. before after Early - 30's 160cm 64kg She live in abroad. Shein side abdomen had a drooping skin lipo suction 2.5L andthen cutting drooping skin about 1.5kg and after surgery 2years picture~ 2017-07-31