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TITLE Early-50's 160cc 61kg lipo sucrtion 2L/ exc1.5kg after surgery 13mo
WRITER 실루엣성형외과
DATE 2017-06-26 19:36:46



Early'50's 160cm 61kg

She a little bit fatty.

Whole abdomen lipo suction 2L and cutting skin 1.5kg

This picture is after surgery 13 months

She changed she's waist size lose 3 inch.


40's 165cm 58kg lipo 2,290/2,470cc exc 700g BEFORE AFTER 2017-11-21
30's 161cm 53kg lipo 940cc exc 401g before after MID-30's 161cm 53kg She had a drooping skin so she had a "abdominoplasty" She lipo 1L fat and remove 0.5kg drooping skin. after surgery 8 mon 2017-08-18
MID-20's 175cm 73kg after surgery 6 mon lipo 280/310cc, exc gland 6/6g before after MID-20's 175cm 73kg after surgery 6 monlipo 280/310cc, exc gladn 6/6g before surgery breast was so big after surgery was gone. 2017-08-18
20's 180cm 80kg after surgery 6 mon lipo 430/360cc exc gland 4/5g before after 20's 180cm 80kg Theses pictures after surgery 6 monlipo430/360ccexc gland4/5g You can saw surgery result very success. 2017-08-18
30's 160cm 64kg lipo.2310/3400cc, exc.1331g, after surgery 2y. before after Early - 30's 160cm 64kg She live in abroad. Shein side abdomen had a drooping skin lipo suction 2.5L andthen cutting drooping skin about 1.5kg and after surgery 2years picture~ 2017-07-31
MID-20's 175cm 73kg after surgery 6mo lipo 280/310cc, exc6/6g before after Mid-20's 175cm, 73kg after surgery 6 months liposuction 280/310cc, cutting gland 6/6g this picture show changed chest shape. 2017-07-31
40's housewife 162cm 54kg lipo.1020cc/ exc.381g, after surgery 6 mo before after 40's housewife 162cm,54kg She had a drooping skin and wrinkles so heavy so she taken " abdomenoplasty surgery" lipo suction 1000cc cutting skin is 400g thsi picuture is after surgery 6 months before surgery picuture so different. 2017-07-14
30's156cm 50kg lipo.830/1530cc, 486g, after surgeyr 7mo before surgery after surgery 30's Female 156cm, 50kg She had a drooping skin and wrinkles and stretch marks so heavy. after surgery 7 months so different. She don't have a drooping skin. 2017-07-14
Mid-20's 176cm 70kg after surgery 1 years lipo 80/130cc, exc 10/11g before after Mid-20's 176cm, 70kg This pictuer is after surgery 1years on chest changed flat. lipo suction 80/130cc, cutting gladn 10/11g 2017-07-14
MID-40's 159cm 56kg lipo3000cc, exc1060g, after surgery 7mo before after 159cm, 56kg She have a drooping skin and wriknles skin so heavy whole abdomen taken liposuction about 3L and cutting skin about 1kg this picture is after surgery 7 months she don't have a drooping skin. and she plan to take scar recover surgery. 2017-07-06