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TITLE Mid-20's 179cm 74kg lipo380/450cc exc20/21g after surgery 9mo
WRITER 실루엣성형외과
DATE 2017-06-26 19:44:27





Mid-20's 179cm,74kg

normally lipomastia so many case is fatty- lipomastia

so need to surgery

He had a liposuction 380-450cc

cutting gland 20/21g

These pictures is after surgery 9months

You can check changing different.


30's 161cm 53kg lipo 940cc exc 401g before after MID-30's 161cm 53kg She had a drooping skin so she had a "abdominoplasty" She lipo 1L fat and remove 0.5kg drooping skin. after surgery 8 mon 2017-08-18
MID-20's 175cm 73kg after surgery 6 mon lipo 280/310cc, exc gland 6/6g before after MID-20's 175cm 73kg after surgery 6 monlipo 280/310cc, exc gladn 6/6g before surgery breast was so big after surgery was gone. 2017-08-18
20's 180cm 80kg after surgery 6 mon lipo 430/360cc exc gland 4/5g before after 20's 180cm 80kg Theses pictures after surgery 6 monlipo430/360ccexc gland4/5g You can saw surgery result very success. 2017-08-18
30's 160cm 64kg lipo.2310/3400cc, exc.1331g, after surgery 2y. before after Early - 30's 160cm 64kg She live in abroad. Shein side abdomen had a drooping skin lipo suction 2.5L andthen cutting drooping skin about 1.5kg and after surgery 2years picture~ 2017-07-31
MID-20's 175cm 73kg after surgery 6mo lipo 280/310cc, exc6/6g before after Mid-20's 175cm, 73kg after surgery 6 months liposuction 280/310cc, cutting gland 6/6g this picture show changed chest shape. 2017-07-31
40's housewife 162cm 54kg lipo.1020cc/ exc.381g, after surgery 6 mo before after 40's housewife 162cm,54kg She had a drooping skin and wrinkles so heavy so she taken " abdomenoplasty surgery" lipo suction 1000cc cutting skin is 400g thsi picuture is after surgery 6 months before surgery picuture so different. 2017-07-14
30's156cm 50kg lipo.830/1530cc, 486g, after surgeyr 7mo before surgery after surgery 30's Female 156cm, 50kg She had a drooping skin and wrinkles and stretch marks so heavy. after surgery 7 months so different. She don't have a drooping skin. 2017-07-14
Mid-20's 176cm 70kg after surgery 1 years lipo 80/130cc, exc 10/11g before after Mid-20's 176cm, 70kg This pictuer is after surgery 1years on chest changed flat. lipo suction 80/130cc, cutting gladn 10/11g 2017-07-14
MID-40's 159cm 56kg lipo3000cc, exc1060g, after surgery 7mo before after 159cm, 56kg She have a drooping skin and wriknles skin so heavy whole abdomen taken liposuction about 3L and cutting skin about 1kg this picture is after surgery 7 months she don't have a drooping skin. and she plan to take scar recover surgery. 2017-07-06
Clear removal of lipomastia by a single surgery Clear removal of lipomastia by a single surgery Currently, many people are regaining confidence through Lipomastia surgery.We recommend accurate diagnosis and appropriate surgery rather than worrying alone. If incision area gets wider, it is quite probable thatthe period for healing scars will get longer and scars will remain.Considering scars and faster recovery time, Silhouette Lipomastia conducts the surgery with minimal incision of the periareolararea. It is one of the symptoms that occur in more men than you think and there is no significant functionalinconvenience but we recommend you to treat it through surgery because many of them feel psychologically stressful due to complex or poor self-esteem. Before surgery.Early 20sHeight 173Weight 74 Ultrasonic liposuction 140cc-150ccExcision 18g-26g 17 months after surgery.You can definitely see the difference before and after surgery. Liposuction alone may not correct the periareolar area and removing the mammary glandthrough the machine may cause unsatisfactory results because it is not removed completely. You may find more satisfactory postoperative results because Silhouette Lipomastia surgery is carried out with both glandular tissue resection using a specialcannular tube enabling a delicate tube by considering your current Lipomastia status and fine liposuction by generally considering the three-dimensional shape of the breasts. 2017-07-06