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TITLE Lipomastia in adolescence is usually normal.
WRITER 실루엣성형외과
DATE 2017-06-09 11:02:25

In the breasts of men, the fat tissue and fibroglandular tissue builds up to like large breasts of women, called “Lipomastia (fatty type lipomastia)

This occurs usually go through puberty and will act as a complex or severe stress.
But breast enlargement began in adolescence is usually normal.

Usually lipomastia will be disappeared from the process by which an adult, usually before 20 years of age.
Therefore, we have to wait about 1-3 years of high school age,
If lipomastia remained after to be adult, surgical treatment is required.
Throughout liposuction process, fat tissue is removed and Using tissue shaver, fibroglandular tissue excision is performed.

Before surgery.
Early 20s
Height 175
Weight 64


 Liposuction 10cc-10cc
Excision 14g-7g

6 months after surgery.
The chest looks flat.

There are more than twenty different ways to remove the breast tissue.
These methods are slightly differently for each clinics.

Silhouette Lipomastia Center is a specilalized plastic surgery center with the record of
operating more than 6,000 surgical cases.
We perform the “Invisible scar and perfect chest contouring” operation.

Lipomastia 6,000 surgical cases Lipomastia 6,000 surgical cases Silhouette Lipomastia Center is a specialized plastic surgery center with the record of operating more than 6,000 surgical cases.Operation is done through small 2-3mm incision hole and post-operative scars are not visible.The glandular tissue excision is performed through areola incision.During endoscopic operation, to remove a large mammary gland, areola incision becomes necessary again, requiring small and delicate instruments.Based on rich experiences, Silhouette lipomastia center develops and uses special instruments on its own for effective operation. Before surgery.Early 20sHeight 170Weight 65 Liposuction 130cc-200ccExcision 21g-18g 34 months after surgery.The chest looks flat. Silhouette lipomastia center has published the largest number of papers on the lipomastia in the Journal of the Korean Society of Plastic Surgery.Silhouette lipomastia center has already conducted more than 6,000 operations.The center ensures to continue its hard work to become a leading hospital in the male chest contouring surgery field. 2017-07-06
Mid-20's 179cm 74kg lipo380/450cc exc20/21g after surgery 9mo Before After Mid-20's 179cm,74kg normally lipomastia so many case is fatty- lipomastia so need to surgery He had a liposuction 380-450cc cutting gland 20/21g These pictures is after surgery 9months You can check changing different. 2017-06-26
Early-40's180cm 87kg lipo 390/320cc exx3/4g, after surgery 6mo before after 2017-06-26
Early-50's 160cc 61kg lipo sucrtion 2L/ exc1.5kg after surgery 13mo before after Early'50's 160cm 61kg She a little bit fatty. Whole abdomen lipo suction 2L and cutting skin 1.5kg This picture is after surgery 13 months She changed she's waist size lose 3 inch. 2017-06-26
Mid-30's 164cm 60kg lipo 650cc exc783g after surgery 13mon before after Mid - 30's 164cm,60kg She a little fatty after fregnancy got so fat and strech marks so heavy. on abdomen,waist and back lipo suction 700cc cutting droopingskin 800g after surgery 1years She haveplan to scar recover surgery. 2017-06-26
30's 156cm 50kg lipo.830/1530cc, 486g, after 7mo before surgery after surgery 30's Female 156cm 50kg on abdomen droop skin so bad. after surgery 7 months change before surgery on abdomen flat and sleder waist 2017-06-12
Mid-40's 159cm 56kg lipo3000cc, exc1060g, after surgery 7mo before surgery after surgery 159cm,56kg Mid-40's She got a surgery becaus so bad droop skin and strechmarks. On abdomen lipo 3L andthen remove droop skin 1kg more after surgery 7 months she will get scar revision surgery. after surgery on abdomen chang flat and slender waist. 2017-06-12
Ealry 40's 161cm, 52kg after surgery 8 months before surgery after surgery Early40's 161cm 52kg Liposuction 1L and remove droopy skin 520g This pictures after surgery 8 months You can see on abdomen flat and slender waist 2017-06-12
Scientific and safe surgery through know-how on Lipomastia surgery. You may find more satisfactory postoperative results because Silhouette Lipomastia surgery is carried out with both glandular tissue resection using a specialcannular tube enabling a delicate tube by considering your current Lipomastia status and fine liposuction by generally considering the three-dimensional shape of the breasts. . . Before surgery. Early 20sHeight 170Weight 65 . . . Ultrasonic liposuction 130cc-200ccExcision 21g-18g 34 months after surgery. You can see the shape of normal-looking chest. Advanced liposuction equipmentand professional medical staff.Scientific and safe surgery through know-how on Lipomastia surgery accumulated for many years.Safe Anesthesia System.Minimization of swelling and bruises by rapid surgery through systematic anesthesia system.Systematic preoperative checkup system.All tests required for Lipomastia surgery including breast cancer are carried out in the hospital.A single surgery without recurrence.Clear removal of Lipomastia by a single surgery by surely removing the root cause.Delicate minimal incision.Shorter recovery period and no scars exposed after surgery by conducting surgery with minimal incision.Professional customized follow-up management system.More elastic and smooth breast line by personalized follow-up management through professional dermatology. 2017-06-12
Simple tests are enough to finish an operation on the day.(lipomastia surgery) Silhouette Lipomastia Center is a specialized plastic surgery center with the record of operating more than 6,000 surgical cases.Silhouette lipomastia center is a clinic specialized in chest contouring. We have much know-how in dealing with chest pain.An anesthesiology specialist stays in the center full time. For most of the time, patients receive sleeping anesthesia (sedation). As it has been known, general anesthesia is safe and does not harm memories. However, it is true that many people have anxiety about general anesthesia and feel resistance.As the clinic hardly performs general anesthesia, simple tests are enough to finish an operation on the day. . . . Before surgery.Early 20sHeight 173Weight 74 Ultrasonic liposuction 140cc-150ccExcision 18g-26g 17 months after surgery.The chest looks flat. Silhouette Lipomastia Center’s specialized anesthesia systems for the safety of patients first.We have a thoroughly-managed anesthesia system and have an anestheology specialist.Form pre-operation status to post-operation recovery, anesthesia status is real-time monitored by anesthesia professionals.The center has emergency equipments (electric heart paddles) and high-tech medical equipments in place for its top priority of patients’ safety. 2017-06-12