Review of 4th week after Gynecomastia Surgery. I am much more confident now. Written by Doldori It’s already been the fourth week since I got gynecomastia surgery. I exercised a lot even with personal training, but I was very stressed out. Therefore, I decided to get a surgery. My gynecomastia wasn’t that severe, but areola area stuck out enough to be an obstacle of chest exercise. I am very satisfied with the surgery result. I think the cost of over 2 million won is worth it. Especially when I decided to get the surgery, I considered not only the aesthetic part but also the inconvenience caused by compression bandage.At Silhouette Plastic Surgery, I only had to wear compression bandage for two to four weeks unlike other plastic surgery clinics, and even the bandage was very light and worn just on the chest, so I didn’t experience any inconvenience such as indigestion. I wore a compression bandage for two weeks, and I can definitely say I had no inconvenience except the day of surgery (cotton and bandage in the compression underwear). Now, I can go to the gym in bright color shirts straightening my shoulders. 2018-11-07
late 10's 184c 85kg after 13 mon lipo 440/440cc exc gland 65/79g _3 BEFORE AFTER 2018-08-28
Mid-20's 171cm 60kg after 6 mon lipo 10cc exc gland 3/2g BEFORE AFTER 2018-08-28
Early-10's 173cm 80kg lipo 280/310cc exc galnd 6/7g BEFORE AFTER 2018-07-28
Solution for fat accumulated gynecomastia with skin laxity Correction of Fat Accumulated Gynecomastia with Skin Laxity Late 20s, 180cm/130kg Liposuction 1,830/1,780cc removal of fibrous tissue 19/22g The skin laxity was corrected by the lifting procedure on the extremely loose armpit part on the next day of the surgery. The skin laxity became worse after a surgery in another clinic. 4 months later 20s, 176cm/100kgLiposuction 900/1,080cc, Removal of Fibrous Tissue 13/16g Photo taken on the next day of procedure. The skin laxity is corrected by over 5cm lifting procedure. The procedure of lifting skin and suturing(fixing) the lifted skin with muscles. Approximately 1-2cm can be lifted. 20s, 178cm 80kgLiposuction 240/200cc, Removal of Fibrous Tissue 8g The lifting procedure was planned due to deep wrinkles underneath and severe skin laxity. Photo taken right after the procedure. Skin was lifted by 2cm. The most common mistake is to leave a big scar by cutting off the remaining skin as shown in the picture. The big scar is irreparable. Therefore, the lifting procedure of Silhouette Plastic Surgery can bring about the most satisfactory result. 2018-07-26
The difference between Silhouette Plastic Surgery and other clinics, 2018 Renewal The difference between Silhouette Plastic Surgery and other clinics, 2018 Renewal Characteristics of Silhouette gynecomastia surgery; Differentiation from other clinics, 2018 RenewalHello.I am Sangyeop Yoon, the director of Silhouette Plastic Surgery.The ‘areola /armpit small pore’ gynecomastia surgery of Silhouette Plastic Surgery is the most advanced surgery so far. The surgery has been presented several times in plastic surgery conferences and international conferences, and many surgeons perform the surgery. However, it should be performed by experienced and proficient surgeons because they have to deal with very tiny pores. Especially, it is too difficult for non-specialists in plastic surgery to perform the surgery.The surgery needs an aesthetic sense and meticulous skills. Some doctors say they can remove fibrous tissue properly by making 15mm-width incision, which is too wide, so clients ask whether I can remove the fat and fibrous tissue completely. My answer is always ‘yes’. I can correct perfectly. I used to make 15mm-width incision when the gynecomastia surgery was first introduced in 2002 or 2003. I have accumulated over 15 years of experiences in one field, and the number of patients that I operated on is over 5,000, so I do not need to make a big incision. It is not appropriate to say that other people can’t do or shouldn’t do because I can’t. In the past, there was a case that only fat was absorbed and a case that only fibrous tissue was removed.When fat is only absorbed, the sharpness would still remain after the surgery, so there is no difference before and after the surgery, not to mention patients’ disappointment. Photo in the research; when fat is only absorbed The nipple areas are still prominent. Nowadays, there are few doctors who still claim this.Some clinics specializing in liposuction advertise they do the gynecomastia surgery with liposuction without removing fibrous tissue. Except for 1~2% special cases, the gynecomastia can’t be corrected only with liposuction. Dents after breast surgery When fibrous tissue is removed excessively without liposuction, there is a side effect of ‘dent’ as shown in the picture. Especially applying the methods of breast cancer surgery such as mastectomy and fibrous tissue mastectomy to the gynecomastia surgery often causes the side effect of dent. If doctors who lack the cosmetic or plastic surgeon perspective perform the surgery as they do breast cancer surgery, the above result can occur. You need to be very careful. Recently, it is common sense that ‘fibrous tissue removal’ and ‘liposuction’ should be done together. There are two types of surgery method broadly. 1. Surgery to remove tumors such as breast cancer(removing cancerous tumors instead of the concept of cosmetic or plastic surgery) Areola 180’ incision Removing fat and lacteal gland as a lump It is a surgery that removes fibrous tissue(white) and fat(yellow) excessively at the same time while making a big scar on areola. It can leave a big scar and dent. We Silhouette Plastic Surgery never apply this method to gynecomastia surgery. 2. The Silhouette gynecomastia surgery with scar invisible Removing fibrous tissue; high-frequency/ Silhouette Scissors The above pictures show the method of liposuction and removing fibrous tissue by making the minimum incision(approximately 5mm) on the areola.Before 2010, this method was used for the surgery. Recently, the surgery is done with the method of making scar invisible. We make a small hole on each areola or make a 2mm small hole on the part under each nipple where the shadow of the nipple lies(where the nipple and the areola meet).Ultrasound liposuction and electric knife fibrous tissue removal; using small hole(2mm) under the nipple With ‘ultrasound liposuction’ and ‘electric knife fibrous tissue removal’ through a small hole(less than 2mm) under the nipple, the scar is totally invisible. The above photos are from similar procedures in different clinics. The scars are from surgeries using various incisions. Even making a hole on the armpit or on the side often leaves a big scar. The part with hair can conceal the scar, but the scar on the side is not good. There shouldn’t be a scar of over 1cm on the areola. Especially, there shouldn’t be a scar on the upper part of the areola in the 12 o'clock position rather than in the 6 o’clock position. It is too noticeable. Some doctors cut off the skin with a 360-degree of areola, which leaves a severe scar. The surgery shouldn’t be done in this way. Some non-specialists perform surgery without predicting the result, which causes disastrous scars. Patients who have breast cancer surgery get scars outside of the areola. The gynecomastia is not breast cancer, so patients with gynecomastia shouldn’t get a severe scar outside of the areola. The photo on the far left of the bottom is from the recent surgery in ‘Silhouette Plastic Surgery’. The photo was taken right after the surgery, but the scar is invisible. Silhouette Plastic Surgery does the highest number of gynecomastia surgeries in Korea. The differences of Silhouette Plastic Surgery from other clinics are as follows. 1. We do not leave noticeable scar. The scar is almost invisible. 2. We guarantee radical effects thanks to liposuction and fibrous tissue removal. We can remove completely without big scar or incision. 3. There are almost no side effects because of no damage on the surrounding tissue since it is not a mastectomy. 2018-07-26
2018’ Silhouette Plastic Surgery Gynecomastia Procedure 2018’ Silhouette Plastic Surgery Gynecomastia Procedure Hello. I am Sangyeop Yoon, a director of Silhouette Plastic Surgery Clinic. I became a doctor in 1998 and started to perform gynecomastia surgery in 2003 as a plastic surgeon. It’s been almost 20 years. First of all, I would like to say thank you to those who helped me to grow up as a plastic surgeon specializing in gynecomastia procedure. I opened a clinic ‘Silhouette Plastic Surgery’ in 2007.The brand ‘Silhouette Plastic Surgery’ is over ten years old.Silhouette Plastic Surgery is the plastic surgery clinic that has only stuck with the gynecomastia procedure for 10 years.Our clinic has done the highest number of gynecomastia surgeries, and now it is the most authoritative clinic. Features of 2018’ Silhouette Plastic Surgery 1. The clinic where doctors get surgery The above pictures are from four doctors who got procedure in our clinic. Over 50 doctors and medical students have let me take care of their bodies. There are three plastic surgeons that got gynecomastia procedures from me. 2. Writing “Gynecomastia Textbook” I wrote “Gynecomastia’ part in the textbook “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” published in 2006. A gynecomastia guide book for ordinary people will be published soon. 3. Lectures for Plastic Surgeons Silhouette Plastic Surgery boasts over 20 times of gynecomastia related lectures and research papers. The research papers are evaluated by specialists in the relevant field, presented and published in medical magazines. I could give lectures for plastic surgeons because I gained recognition from specialists in the same field. Silhouette Plastic Surgery is the best gynecomastia specialized clinic selected by specialists in the relevant fields. 4. Gynecomastia Consultant Doctor in Various Media Such as Newspaper and Broadcasting I am also a consultant doctor in HiDoc NAVER Jisik-iN. 5. A Clinic Where Patients Get The Least Side EffectsThe gynecomastia procedure requires aesthetic sense and thorough understanding on the structure of the breast. Therefore, it is necessary to get the procedure from a plastic surgeon with aesthetic sense. Especially, you will feel comfortable if you go to Silhouette Plastic Surgery that has a volume of experience and know-how. 2018-06-25
MID-20's 183cm 93kg after surgery 3mon lipo 410/550cc, exc gland 2/3g Before after MID-20's 183cm 93kg after surgery3mon lipo 410/550cc, exc gladn 2/3g 2018-02-26
40's 165cm 58kg lipo 2,290/2,470cc exc 700g BEFORE AFTER 2018-01-16
Early-20's 171cm 73kg after 3years lipo 100/180cc exc gland 3/4g before after 2018-01-16